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How Agriculture is Benefitted from IT Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, November 15, 2019

It is a fact that almost 70 percent of the earth’s water resources are consumed by agricultural activities. Though they are global problems, the farmers also must take responsibilities for making proper changes around the place by using the technology.

FREMONT, CA: Like every other sector, agriculture has also achieved from various developments technologically. Farmers depend on the IT industry for various reasons, and it includes the management of farm operations. There is no doubt, and IT has changed the procedures of how farmers took care of crops and livestock. However, e-agriculture has become the new trend, and with time it will only increase with more innovations. The trend is also significantly changing how food production and farming is done.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a tool that can assist the farmers so that they can not only control their crops better but also their business through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) functions. There are many start-up firms that are growing in business applications and are committed to facilitating the challenges faced by the agricultural sector. There are also some applications that help the farmers to generate budgets and operational schedules based on the production plans. With the assistance of the farming-specific software, farmers can proficiently take care of their workforce management. It will also help them to chalk out the weather forecasts and develop the monitoring accordingly. Top AgTech Solution Companies

Mobile Technology:

Mobile technology is altering the techniques that the farmers used earlier for monitoring and evaluating every detail with pencil and paper into smartphones and tablets. Several applications have been designed, particularly for field teams, so that they can collect data in real-time. The apps can also send updates with the help of mobile to the field teams, demonstrating them about the new assignments they have to supervise. Apart from being helpful, it is also one of the most cost-effective processes to collect data or have access to it in the fields.

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Security Technologies and RFID:

RFID can assist the farmers in tracking their cattle regularly, besides monitoring the health and recording the database of every animal’s history. Furthermore, during certified organic crop shipments, the usage of technology allows reducing the forged and impure food transfers through security tagging.

Smart Farming:

Data analytics is extensively used for precision agriculture, which is termed as intelligent farming as it helps the agri-businesses to cut expenses, and augment yields smartly. The technology helps the small-scale farmers to collect data from different sources and use them for making better decisions. The most significant application of it comes into action when the water sensors help in proper arrangement of the water usage, mainly in drought-prone areas, to abolish various impacts of calamities.

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