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How AI Algorithms Contribute to Warfare

By CIOReview | Friday, June 5, 2020

Artificial intelligence can potentially revolutionize warfare concepts based on maneuvers. For this, one has to familiarize themselves with various technical and operational obstacles.

FREMONT, CA: AI is a computer-based capability to execute human mental processes exactly like in superhuman speeds. It is not news that AI-enabled technologies have deployed in military operations. New long-range air- and missile- defense systems, comprising the latest variants of the US-made Aegis combat system, are also using elementary AI-enabled machine-learning algorithms to defend against any act of incoming ballistic- and cruise-missile threats.

A 2019 US Army war-game concluded with an infantry platoon supported by AI-enabled capabilities, can increase its combat power by a factor of ten, thereby considerably tipping the defensive-offensive balance in the enemy's favor. It not only suggests that military forces deploying AI applications can outfight an enemy attacker that implements a lesser number or no AI-enabled capabilities. It also appears to show that AI can help minimize the equipment and human costs of offensive operations.

AI-enabled intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and battle-management systems that offer commanders improved situational awareness can make a quick and easy identification of an enemy's 'center of gravity' in the battlespace and allow forces rapidly to coordinate joint attacks.

Twenty-first-century maneuver warfare will rely on making faster and better decisions than one's attacker, which will depend on information superiority and dominance in cyberspace. However, there are various hurdles to overcome for it to become a reality, at least in the near term.

AI may enhance the speed of military operations, but it can also lead to minimized decisive outcomes. Rather than leading to a new form of maneuver warfare, it may evoke a more technologically sophisticated version of attrition warfare. Consequently, military planners who envision a 21st-century multi-domain maneuver warfare version of the 1991 Gulf War campaign, underpinned by AI-enabled capabilities, could be disappointed.

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