How AI and ML are Adding the Healing Touch to the Healthcare Industry?
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How AI and ML are Adding the Healing Touch to the Healthcare Industry?

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 6, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the technologies that have disrupted several industries. One among those industries is healthcare that today utilizes AI in multiple domains such as hospital care, clinical research, and drug development to insurance. AI applications have also made the health sector efficient by improving test assessment along with significant cost-cutting.

Powered with ML, optimized research results and learning from them are adding immense value to the healthcare industry. It is enabling the early diagnosis of diseases with the help of smart devices that analyze human body for abnormalities.

Organizations have realized the potential of AI and ML in healthcare and are investing in massive amounts. By 2021, the investments are expected to reach $6.6 billion. The enterprises expect these investments to reduce their expenses significantly. Here are a few ways by which these investments will impact healthcare: 

Accurate Predictions

Around 10 percent of patient deaths are a result of diagnostic errors. With AI and ML, smart devices can scan through the patient’s body and detect the diseases with better accuracy, thereby reducing expense and time.

 Virtual Nurses

Technology allows the deployment of virtual nursing assistants. Virtual nurses help in more regular communication between healthcare and patients. The frequency of patient visits is also reduced. Quick information exchange is also a plus with virtual nurse assistants.

Access to Remote Locations

Remote regions are vulnerable zones where the patients are often underserved. With the help of AI and ML, it’s possible to deploy bots in such areas.

Smart Devices and Machines

Smart devices are not confined to the consumer sector. They are creating an impact in the healthcare industries too. Some of the applications of the AI-led devices are spotting brain tumors, detection of eye disease, drone deliveries to hospital, highlighting lung diseases, and analyzing brain scans of stroke patients.

AI and ML Adoption

Though the advantages of AI, ML, and their applications outnumber the expenses, numerous challenges have prevented the widespread adoption of these technologies in healthcare. Focusing on the bigger picture can hasten the process while the costs can be recovered from the prosperous future that lies ahead for the industry.

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