How AI Can Help Businesses Better Serve Their Clients
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How AI Can Help Businesses Better Serve Their Clients

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 25, 2021

Summary: AI can identify patterns to develop and monetize new services or manage repetitive chores to free up agent time.

FREMONT, CA:  AI can integrate different technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language understanding to eliminate communication obstacles and automate consumer interactions. Conversational chatbots and product suggestions based on customer behavior data are two well-known instances of AI in action. However, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Different approaches to apply AI to enhance business processes and engage customers can be found on this list.

Proactively and personally serve the customers: Machine learning and predictive analytics systems can help identify typical customer concerns and even provide insight into driving users' troubles. By leveraging this data to build AI chatbots at key client touchpoints, the business can enhance real-time customer experiences while remaining proactive.

Chatbots are designed to keep one step ahead of the user, providing a flawless experience and resolving potential issues. They can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to answer frequently asked questions, provide suggestions and guidance throughout the research phase, or assist with order placement. All of which will boost the clients' perception and experience of the brand tremendously.

Increase the lead generation efficiency: When customers want to buy, it's critical to make the transaction as painless as possible—which AI-powered chatbots can accomplish. Using preprogrammed questions to check leads before transferring them to a sales agent is one example of this. Additionally, chatbots can initiate discussions with clients based on their browsing history, facilitating the transaction and even upselling post-purchase.

Streamline processes: Chatbots powered by AI are ideal for resolving typical consumer inquiries. They can accomplish this by initiating discussions at designated touchpoints on the website, answering frequently asked questions, or assisting customers or applicants throughout the purchasing or application process. This frees up the customer service crew to handle more complex duties. Additionally, even if chatbots cannot resolve an issue, they can direct clients to the most relevant source of assistance, such as a live agent or a knowledge base article.

Prevent burnout among employees: AI technology needs no sleep, takes no breaks, and is never ill. It is quickly taught new skills and works ceaselessly while maintaining a high level of performance and production. Of course, this is not a justification for staff replacement; instead, it demonstrates how AI may ensure that employees are never overworked or burned out.