How AI Helps in Efficient Water Management
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How AI Helps in Efficient Water Management

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

The water crisis has become one of the major concerns across the globe. To help overcome water scarcity, organizations have started using artificial intelligence to enhance water management operations. AI technology learns on the go, improving itself with each set of data that it processes, and this adaptability makes it the best option to deal with water.

Water-managing bodies seek new sources of water and manage the existing water reserves and systems sustainably. They are now using AI algorithms and programs to build water plants that can not only give updated information about the current status but can help in building models for the future. AI programs can plan water operations dynamically. AI-based prediction models for knowing the future use of water, robotic sensors in water disposal plants, and blockchain for operating the transactions can all be made possible with the appropriate application of AI techniques.Top Utilities Tech Solution Companies

Top Wastewater Management Solution Companies According to statistics, one-fifth of the population across the world is living in areas of water scarcity, and a large percentage is experiencing water shortage scenarios where they lack the infrastructure to have clean and potable water. With such statistics, the main focus falls on optimizing current water resources. This optimization can be obtained with the decision-making abilities of AI. AI-driven planning enables management bodies and water management departments to understand the real-time water loss and misuse, and design and execute comprehensive distribution networks.

AI is all set to fundamentally change the way water utilities manage water resources in an increasingly volatile environment. As the cost associated with AI reduces and adoption becomes more widespread, AI-powered water management will become more effective in the years ahead.

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