How AI is Helping in the Battle Against COVID-19

How AI is Helping in the Battle Against COVID-19

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Along with healthcare centers, AI using chatbots, facial recognition, and speech recognition has undoubtedly aided the control of COVID-19 Pandemic to curb its effects.

FREMONT, CA: From time immemorial, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown at a rapid pace and has been a supporting hand across different platforms. Due to the Pandemic, different kinds of researching and detailing emerge, and the data pool is growing exponentially beyond the capacity of human intelligence. AI is known for identifying patterns from big data and has become a green card in handling the crisis.

Advancement in AI applications like natural language processing, data analytics, machine learning, speech recognition, deep learning, and other various kinds of tech platforms like chatbots and facial recognition has not only to be used for diagnosis but also vaccine development and contract tracing. Let's take a look at how AI has been applied to tackle the virus below.


A vast number of COVID-19 cases have shown that the medical and healthcare systems and response measures can be overwhelmed. Canada-based Stallion.AI has taken advantage of its natural language processing abilities to build a multilingual healthcare agent. This agent helps in answering all the questions asked related to COVID-19. It also helps to provide reliable data and clear guidelines, recommends protection steps and measures, checks and monitors the symptom, and even advises the people whether they need a hospital, screening, or a self-isolation at their respective homes.

Facial Recognition and Fever Detector AI

Thermal cameras are used for detecting people with fever. One of the drawbacks of using this technology is the need for a human operator. Now, the cameras processing AI-based multisensory technology are used in airports, hospitals, and nursing homes. The most significant advantage of using the technology is that they automatically detect the fever and also track the movement, recognize the faces, and detect whether the person is wearing a mask or not.

The world struggles hard to cope up with the effects of coronavirus positive. The measures can be taken from the expertise and bravery of the healthcare workers, along with the great efforts of AI technology used to help the healthcare platforms.

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