How AI-based Tools Can Improve Writing Skills
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How AI-based Tools Can Improve Writing Skills

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The teachers can make use of the AI Text-generators to enhance the writing of the students instead of abandoning it.

FREMONT, CA :The artificial intelligence-based (AI) programs are rapidly improvising their skills at writing. AI has efficiently started writing on several topics and almost at no cost at all, and there are high chances that it will come up with C-grade worthy articles for the students in a few years.

The officials can ban the software as this will affect the student and overall education but banning it will be losing a battle as the software is highly accessible. For the teachers, one of the best ways to teach critical analysis to their students is by writing long paragraphs, particularly in the form of essays. The teachers depend on this method of evaluation to judge because it helps the students to understand the topic and write it. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution that will assist the student in improving along with the latest advanced automation and smart system. The solution must also consist of guiding the students so that they can efficiently work with AI tools rather than banning them.

How AI-based tools Generate Texts? 

OpenAI released the AI-powered generating system in February 2019. The ones interested can try to use it with the help of instructions provided or experiment with Talk to the Transformer, which is an online tool made with GPT-2.

Smartphones have a predictive text function in it, and the GPT-2 is similar to these predictive text functions. Moreover, the software can create texts identical to the ones that are written by humans. It will become difficult for a reader to understand whether the passage is written by human or AI-based software because it is thematically correct, informative, grammatically correct, and even engaging.

Where are the GPT-2 Tools Available? 

The GPT-2 tools come in several forms, and this makes it easy to use even without a powerful computer. These types of devices are creating an issue for universities and schools because of students, instead of using their creativity, taking the help of these systems.

How to Adapt the Tools instead of Resisting? 

Instead of banning the technology, it is better to adapt and make it useful so that it benefits the students. Maximum of the writers do not just write in isolation, but they revise their work and discuss it with others so that further improvement can be made.

Therefore, the teachers can also make use of the GPT-2 system by making it a first-draft machine. They can take the raw research notes of the students and turn them into a text so that they can expand on it and revise. The method will also help the teachers to judge the work of their pupils not only based on the final product but also on their capability of using text-generating tools. The powerful artificial intelligence tools can be of great help to communicate and analyze complicated ideas.

How to Evaluate the Students? 

The first thing to consider is in this AI-friendly world. What is the necessity of teaching the students to write?

The key reason is there are many companies where the job description dependents on the candidates' ability to write. Therefore while a teacher is teaching a student to write, they must keep in mind about the social and economic importance of typing a text.  

Today most of the media houses rely on production and exchange of tweets, marketing reports, e-mails, blog posts, slide presentations, and many more. However, the writings of a human are provocative, insightful, and original, and it may not be possible for the computers to be the same. But it might quickly become sufficiently good for the writing jobs. Besides, the computer will also not need any holidays or health insurance so it will be a cost-saving method for the companies.

Therefore, it is essential to teach the students to learn the method in which a computer writes, and for this, they need proper training. Educators also have to come up with creative ideas so that instead of treating AI as an enemy, they can embrace it and help the students to learn more and smartly.

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