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How AI-Based VERSO is Catering to Pharma Industry's Needs

By CIOReview | Friday, October 25, 2019


AI-based intelligent platform with its data-driven insights and recommendations is delivering improved customer experience for pharma industry.

FREMONT, CA: A professional services firm, ZS has unveiled VERSO, its AI-based product suite enabling intelligent commercial execution, deploying AI and ML-based algorithms to change huge amounts of data into actionable insights, in a personalized manner. With the developing pharma’s customer base, omnichannel customer engagement has become essential. To cope with the demand for improved consumer experience, pharmacies have started altering the expertise by arming their teams with the data-driven, actionable, customer-level suggestions needed to succeed. AI-based VERSO helps pharma companies to move to commercial teams’ holy grail of delivering tailored experiences through one-to-one engagement.   Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in UK

VERSO Field Insights and VERSO Brand Insights are two new software products that belong to ZS’s existing Orchestration Engine in the new VERSO product family. These products help pharma firms optimize their efforts throughout customer, channel, content, and cadence. VERSO Field Insights and Brand Insights offer custom-made insights, dynamic targeting, and recommendations to brand managers and representatives. It makes use of industry-specific algorithms that study and evolve based on user comments and behavior, powered through the VERSO Orchestration Engine. The VERSO Orchestration Engine supports omnichannel efforts by using examining both traditional pharma facts sources and new facts sets. This helps in discovering consumer trends and offers users suggestions for their next actions. VERSO Orchestration Engine connects with leading marketing campaign management and advertising and marketing execution structures through APIs for execution.

ZS is a management consulting services provider leveraging its deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, and technology to create solutions that cater to the real world. ZS combines science and hands-on experience to remediate the most complex business challenges helping companies and their customers compete in the market and make a positive impact.

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