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How Analytics and AI can Identify Burnout?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wearable devices and smartphones can detect employee productivity in any organization to give better productive results.

FREMONT, CA: Employee monitoring has become as prevalent and integral to the contemporary workplace from electronic time tracking to email monitoring as the smartphone has become a part of our daily lives.

According to a 2018 research by Gartner, more than one in five businesses allegedly monitors information on the motion of employees. Employers do so for apparent reasons: they want to maintain track of productivity and maintain safety threats outsiders and insiders at bay.

But a distinct type of monitoring is emerging now, going beyond merely tracking who is slacking off and who is violating the protocol. One of that promises to assist when staffs feel overwhelmed and even predict it.

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Monitoring Employee Behavior

Behavioral analytics can reportedly be used to identify burnout and eventually encourage better health and well-being in the workplace, one of the many subfields of human analytics. The instruments used in information collection can be as easy as a wristband or electronic badge; wearable devices capable of measuring vital signs and capturing speech patterns or quality of sleep. By using behavioral analytics, organizations can detect when behaviors of staff violate employee standards and can recognize when individuals may act in a manner that indicates that they are overworked.

The latest research on employee monitoring examined, people's perception of workplace surveillance techniques and discovered that 62 percent of participants are not worried about working for employers who are active surveillance their employees. The study indicates that workers are now starting to accept the idea of workplace surveillance even though it means allowing tools to deeply dive into their most personal information such as their heart rate or their insomnia history.

Smartphone Psychiatry

One of the intersections of psychology and emerging technology is behavioral analytics. Throw in artificial intelligence solutions and results will be applications built by reading specific signals to predict depressive episodes, anxiety, and nervousness. Besides wearable devices that capture behavioral hints, the use of smartphones can also provide a wealth of data on the mental and emotional health of a person.

Researchers continue to investigate the effectiveness of the wearable tools in the detection and exhaustion of physical, mental, and emotional stress. But the most comfortable characteristics which share the most qualified health and wellness tech alternatives are the smartphones. These behavioral prompts are said to facilitate greater use, which in turn enables people with their health and wellness routine to remain on track.

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