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How Analytics will Transform HR Processes in 2019

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 20, 2019



Human resource analytics has a lot of upside for HR professionals. HR analytics is the analysis of people data and linking people variables presents new opportunities for HR professionals. It is crucial for professionals to track the latest trends whether they are good or bad. These trends show that there is still plenty of room for growth in the human resource and the HR analytics field. People-analytics project has a goal of gathering and understanding the connections between multiple sources of data. The extraction of such data supports the leadership vision and company initiatives. Here are a few predictions for HR Analytics: 

Timely Surveys

Organizations take feedback regularly to improve the employee experience. However, few companies do it too frequently. If a company collects data employee data on a daily basis, the changes can’t be implemented. An ideal feedback strategy is to collect data through surveys every quarter. One or two census surveys coupled with a few pulse surveys targeted at problem groups that don’t perform well can help gain critical insights. Further, organizations can make a plan of action to enhance the performance of a low performing department. Organizations have understood the magnitude of the problem and are working toward a solution making it a trend in the coming years. 

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Data Implementation

Organizations and HR solutions providers will embrace the data integration trend and implement advanced analytics tools and technology. Data is not valuable if not applied. The latest buzzword in the HR landscape is employee life cycle. The employees’ entire journey in the organization can be mapped out with data from multiple sources. Insights gained from various types of employee data with an analytics tool are powerful. Companies are starting to embrace data implementation.

Action Oriented

Delivering data-driven actions provided by organizations, employee experience, and analytics companies will be of the most significant leap in HR. Advanced analytics have paved a way to move past the ordinary thought process about survey results. Analytics-driven nudges are gaining traction. Nudging is intelligence based, and instead of merely providing insights, it leads employees and leaders to an action based approach. Return on investment (ROI) gets impacted with these actions. Innovation with regards to using data insights to guide the actions of leaders and employees will be the trend. 

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