How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Travel Industry
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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Travel Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Travel industry is slowly embracing the artificial intelligence in their network so that they can improve their services and provided travelers with a customized experience.

FREMONT, CA: In several industries, the vital transformations have already been racked up by science and artificial intelligence (AI). The travel industry is not an exception to it as there also many business verticals that have been affected by AI. It is not easy to define AI precisely, but here is some information about the immunity that the travel industry is creating for an artificial industry.

The business process and customer services in every dominant industry have significantly developed with the assistance of artificial intelligence. There are several AI software extensively used among the sectors like Machine Learning, Chatbots, Internet of Things, and Neural Networks. However, among this considerable list, new software has also been added known as the Travel AI, and it will be extremely beneficial for the travel industry. The various uses of AI among the travel industry and travelers. 

Virtual Reality

It is time for travel companies to eliminate the traditional concept of paper brochures because VR headsets can provide travelers a real-time feeling of the rooms and the areas surrounding the hotel. The virtual assistant can make the experience of the travelers easy by improving the conversion rates, a high degree of customer experience, and even personalize the travel experience.

The VR technology is also helping the AI-powered in-room assistance as they are developing the travel and hospitality services by speeding up the process of travel booking and delivering a personalized guest experience.

VR for the Travelers

The travelers can also surf hotels, book a room, get tips from the other tourist, and even check the latest tariffs with the help of virtual assistants.

Machine Learning 

The ML helps in tracking the travel preferences of the customers, along with enhancing customer services by providing real-time hospitality. The travel industry can also benefit from the robotic technology that uses ML and speech recognition to provide travel information to travelers.

ML for the Travelers

With machine learning, travelers do not have to plan their trip because the computer can do it. The computer will assist the customers to book for the destination that they want to visit, along with every place and the most recommended food in that area.

AI Algorithms

AI algorithms are mostly used for gathering, authenticating, and interpreting the data so that the travel companies can understand the preferences of the customers. The AI will help the travel industry to conclude the pricing outlay, sales, customers' preferences, and the other methods through which they can increase their profit margins. 

AI is suitable for the travel companies because it can appropriately perform the data sorting rather than human conducting it as it may contain many errors. 

AI algorithms for the Travelers

With the assistance of AI algorithms, the visitors can mechanically get the things they want without even calling for the room service in a hotel.


The chatbots help the business travelers to offer the quickest response time, which is not even possible for the humans to match. The traditional way of customer representative manually replying to the inquiries in the comment of social media posts, websites, and blogs does not work anymore.

Chatbots can easily automate the response. The initial inquiries that customers do to gain information and the feedback from them are effectively managed with the help of chatbots. 

Chatbots for the Travelers

The chatbots can be powered with the help of instant messaging apps and social media for providing time-saving services to the customers while they are traveling.

The use of the technology of AI is rapidly increasing in the travel industry because of its own merits and the benefits that it provides. Although AI is still new in the travel and hospitality industry, it offers several user-friendly experiences that make it exceptional.

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