How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Retail
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How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Retail

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have changed the way things work in retail and this will tremendously revolutionize this industry within the next few years. AI collects a huge set of data and runs it through algorithms to produce automated end results which increase the cash flow as well as improves the general experience of the customers.

AI restructuring Personalized Consumer Experience:

Excellent customer experience is achievable only when the retail starts developing a personal selling relationship with the consumer. AI can help notably in the field of managing and aligning consumer goods in the store by recommending items to place next to each other in order to increase the selling of products. ML can identify patterns in customer's purchasing predilections and pinpoint what they buy together which creates a better inventory revenue as well as predicts the forecast of future revenue. According to recent studies, forty-eight percent of the customers consider it's significant to provide on-demand customized promotions online, with forty-five percent wanting corresponding alternatives in store.

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Areas where AI assists customer experiences:  

• ChatBot Experiences: ChatBots are assisting businesses to grab customers by engaging in 24-hour customer service.

• Conversational Interfaces: AI technologies permits customers to speak to a machine to get responses to questions regarding products, online items and search queries.

• Gesture Recognition: Signals are transformed into instructions using touchless monitors, letting customers find definite items. 

• Robots: Humanoid robots help customers by giving instructions and answering relevant questions, therefore enhancing foot traffic within the

• Automated Cash Inventories: Mostly seen in large retailers and supermarkets, automated self-checkout lanes hasten the checkout procedures, deducting labor costs.   

AI transmutes Customer Relationship Management:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assemble and process data to generate customer-centric tactics and experiences. These data generate important information to produce efficient market planning and systemized marketing fabric for the customers.

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Retailers have begun to implement video analytics software to upgrade security and revamp customer service. CRM systems connected with AI platforms automate responses to tackle elementary customer queries that help businesses to improve consumer satisfaction and decrease complaint escalation. 

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