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How Augmented Reality Improves Marketing

By CIOReview | Saturday, February 3, 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology which has significantly impacted several organizations. It becomes essential to compare it to other platforms of digital engagement to adequately identify its benefits and be able to exploit them. It can be easily adopted as it superimposes certain virtual aspects over familiar surroundings. AR is expected to change the market by making marketing more innovative—by allowing users to superimpose images and text over their surrounding environment.

AR provides newer prospects for marketing and advertising such as branding, cross-channel marketing opportunities, live experience enhancements, and virtual tours. It also allows users to consume content in more interactive ways. AR marketing is already being successfully used by several companies such as The Weather Channel, IKEA, and Pokémon GO.

Many startups are aiding in making AR more popular by helping organizations improve the brand experience with AR offerings. CrowdOptic uses IoT sensor data, biometrics, real-time analysis and video content delivery to enhance customer experience by live streaming. Other startups, including Augment and Blippar, are using AR in various innovative ways for the same.

The potential of AR marketing needs to be recognized and tapped at the right time, as this inventive market can go a long way in improving the consumer experience.

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