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How automated Marketing can help Businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Automation is the key to effective business growth in the era of rapid digital transformations. Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have started integrating automation into their daily workflows to optimize their resources and increase sales. Here are a few automation features that can help SMBs in implementing an effective automation strategy:

Social Media Automation: Modern businesses rely majorly on social media marketing to source leads for their marketing strategies. Enterprises can use marketing automation to engage with social media platforms to prevent draining of their resources.  It allows businesses to post the same message across various social media platforms from a central dashboard interface.

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Connection with CRM: SMBs require solutions to integrate marketing automation and CRM software on a single platform. A single central dashboard with integrated automated marketing software and CRM software can help in efficient management of both tools. This integration will allow companies to transfer contacts and leads from automated marketing campaigns to the CRM lists. 

Scheduling Tools: Scheduling tools is an integral solution for automated marketing, as they enable businesses to set routine publishing times for single or continuous delivery. These tools will allow businesses to publish future campaigns while creating marketing automation workflows. Scheduling tools can help in the automation of social media posting, email marketing, publishing landing pages, and task remainders according to a set schedule.

Create Targeted Streams: Automation marketing software offers created targeted streams which enable the users to monitor keywords as well as brand mentions and hashtags for the specific location. Targeted streams also allow businesses to keep track of their competitors by using automation to filter set criteria. It also helps SMBs to gain valuable insights into their social media efforts, helping them to achieve their strategic goals.

Workflow triggers: Workflow tools can be used to automatically send created responses to leads as they flow through the sales funnel. An effective Response to leads at every step of the sales funnel with automated messages helps SMBs follow-up and nurture them to fruition.

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