How AWS is Enhancing the Cloud Data Security
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How AWS is Enhancing the Cloud Data Security

By CIOReview | Monday, November 25, 2019

As cloud data protection is critical, most businesses use platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to implement the cloud from top to bottom quickly.

FERMONT, CA: Adoption of the cloud and protection of data go hand in hand. When more and more sensitive data moves into the cloud, securing them is essential to keep up with increasing regulatory requirements and to retain customer trust. As part of extending its security posture, Machina is made available on AWS by Ionic Security. Machina is a machine-scale data access policy monitoring system, encryption key management, and real-time policy enforcement that helps customers meet their commitments to protection and compliance within the shared responsibility model or cloud security framework. AWS has provided customers with the versatility and control they need to build and operate cloud data securely.Top Cloud Technology Solution Companies

Machina maintains the case for data management and protection usage to provide a recording system to implement appropriate controls, manage data access, and report regulatory compliance transactions. Machina makes it easier for the AWS Marketplace to give companies in other sectors a smooth friction-free way of buying and take advantage of the same high-calibre data protection that big financials use. AWS financial sector marketplace listings are based on traditional topics such as risk management and compliance. 

Ionic Security is a government agency enabler driving innovation beyond its company and ensuring data protection irrespective of its cloud journey. The organization is a data protection engine of the business class that provides an implementation of real-time data policy against a robust set of identity and information attributes backed by crucial machine-scale management. Ionic provides a coherent and reliable deployment framework. Ionic facilitates flexible, efficient, and consistent data protection, speeding up the technology projects with Machina on a customer path to the cloud.

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