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How Big Data is Disrupting the Travel Industry

By CIOReview | Monday, March 26, 2018

Big data is now conquering every sector, and its effect is evidently now felt in the travel landscape, with its real-world results clear to see. 

With the increase in modern travelers’ expectations, strolling check-in queues and wanting to avoid the wait-times, airports and airlines have now begun to adopt technological innovations. As such, any forward-thinking airline is bound to understand and use the power of “data”—a powerful tool they have in abundance—to create more streamlines execution of their processes. With the continuous increase in travelers’ demands, it is high time for airports and airlines to hop onto the trend and begin utilizing the resource. Although big data can’t help build bigger airports or manufacture more flights, it can certainly help reduce the wait-times and delays for travelers.

While top airlines cornering the check-in desks regularly cause long check-in queues, bigger airlines have their fair share of desks whether or not they need them. Solution providers are emerging to now help them overcome this problem by enabling smarter desk allocation, wherein desks would be allocated based on the real need looking at the number of people that are expected to check-in for a particular airline.

With its significant predictive powers, Big data can precisely help micromanage timetables and help airlines avoid bottle-necks and massive delays. It cannot control the weather or patch a technical error, but with its ability to forecast, airlines can soon alert their travelers on delays, allowing the travelers to not be stuck aimlessly waiting.

Big data will help eliminate overcrowded check-in desks and long queues and help streamline processes allowing passengers to receive the satisfactory service they expect. The innovative technology is sure to become the invisible travel guide, creating a positive impact on every step of a passenger’s journey—from the very moment they enter the airport till the time they settle into their seats to take-off.

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