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How Big Data is Reshaping the Personal, Professional World

By CIOReview | Monday, April 16, 2018

Although big data has been prevalent over the last few years, the uneasiness related with it is relatively new. The report around Donald Trump’s reach to the voters based on the data harvested through the social media platform, facebook, has been one of the great concerns which have been widely discussed and debated. As people are getting increasingly aware and educated about the mishandling of their public data in the online space, there is a growing demand from various quarters of the society for more stringent regulations to safeguarding public data.       

Data, many experts believe, is the new oil. While this statement holds paramount value in it, commoners seldom understand the magnitude of this new adage. With an every growing source of data, technology brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, are leading in harnessing data to engage their audience to improve their business prospects.

In the industrial space, big data has moved beyond the catchphrase to deliver tangible results for the technology decision makers. With the availability of low cost hardware and an array of connected technologies using a variety of RF spectrums, many organizations are harnessing the production data to avert operational hazards improving employee safety through optimized decisions. Having access to single comprehensive data repository is augmenting the productivity to new levels.

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