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How Blockchain Empowers Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blockchain being a decentralized public digital ledger records cryptocurrency transactions in chronological order. Artificial intelligence platform legitimizes organizations that process bulk data creating an exponential rise in consumer data generation and preserves them in devices such as sensors embedded in devices and cars across the Internet of things. The blockchain technology works on the principle of transparency and the intent to hand out information to all the parties concerned. The blockchain of data is created for transactions in the blockchain network. This technology protocol is being used in the field of artificial intelligence and is gaining hype. Most of the Artificial intelligence-savvy organizations have leveraged blockchains to get consistency in their analytics.

The primary concern when it comes to Artificial Intelligence is to understand the hidden patterns in big data resulting in autonomous machines whereas blockchain is predominantly concerned with accurate record management and security. Data sharing is the primary benefit of blockchain for artificial intelligence. Blockchain is a gateway that leads to secure data transfer, as artificial intelligence is associated with data thus creating secure inter-device communication. Blockchain can solve severe concerns of Artificial intelligence models face by ensuring safe data authentication. Since the future of AI needs to be open-sourced and decentralized, blockchain offers a reliable marketplace for AI to emerge.