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How Blockchain helps the advertising industry

By CIOReview | Friday, March 15, 2019

Blockchain is a vertical of technology, which has recently evolved. The expanded spectrum of technology drives almost all the disciplines of our daily lives. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the new emergent, blockchain has created a wave in the advertising industry. The bureau has launched Whitepaper, the research paper describing the usage of blockchain for video advertising. This document further elaborates on how the technology of Blockchain can revolutionize online advertising.

How does blockchain help in visual advertising? A few sources report that blockchain has immense potential of processing 7000 transactions per second, ideally. This quality of technology supports the advertising field to help improve the processing speed tremendously. Speed is where blockchain has a lot to serve in the industry of advertising. It is hard to believe that even after providing unparalleled processing speeds, blockchain is a bit slow when it has to support real-time digital advertising ecosystem.      

Technologists strongly feel that blockchain would be the next generation of advertising technology. Streamlining the value-filled additions to the legacy of digital advertising, blockchain is said to better the viewer experience and outlines smooth and integrated operations. The future innovations involving blockchain technology is sure to create a paradigm shift as far the advertising industry is concerned. Ultra-fast processing and minimal or zero errors help drive the era of advanced online advertising.      

Blockchain formulates a digital path for the two interacting entities to complete their transaction successfully. It is a secure decentralized channel which ensures security. Since it is a distributed network following a peer-to-peer approach, the integrity of the data remains to be safe and verifiable all through the channel. To promise data security, new entries to the blockchain are guarded, and every bit of information is made secure by using sophisticated encryption techniques. Blockchain promises optimized data and communication processes with cost-effective, efficiency and security features. 

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