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How Brand Experience can Amuse Customer

By CIOReview | Friday, October 25, 2019


Leading companies are partnering together to offer the best experience for customers while enhancing stakeholder experience and delivering the brand promises.

FREMONT, CA: A pioneering brand strategy consulting agency, Hall & Partners, has teamed up with the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, Qualtrics. This partnership will build a global delivery and advisory service, modifying the customer and stakeholder experience. Hall & Partners will amalgamate its renowned brand methodologies and expertise with Qualtrics BrandXM™ by joining the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN). Qualtrics BrandXM™ is the pioneer for brand experience management built on the Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform™.

Qualtrics BrandXM empowers enterprises to manage how consumers experience their brand at each touchpoint along the brand journey. Brands acknowledge how consumers are receiving, perceiving, and experiencing their assistance by instrumenting brand touch points. Hall & Partners and Qualtrics collaboration expedites Top CEM Solution Companiesbrand managers and their businesses to react quicker and more strategically to influence the brand positively. This is achievable via access to the apex in brand thought leadership and technological innovation within their XM portfolio. In this way, Hall & Partners will have the willingness to utilize experience data (X-data) in real-time to observe the vital signs of their brands. The company can also view variations in their markets and understand the competitive landscape.

Hall & Partners is a strategic brand consultancy, supporting the leading business and brands by assisting them in creating commercially and emotionally pleasant brand relationships. The company is a step ahead to help people who are passionate about brands, hungry to learn, and ready to challenge traditional thinking. Hall & Partners endeavors to improve people's lives by blocking the relationship gap between businesses and people. It is modifying the way data impacts decision-making in real-time. Hall & Partners is a strategic brand consultancy that is powered by data and insight, offering the best of the experience for customers.

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