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How Brands can Adapt with the Rise of Visual Search

By CIOReview | Friday, April 12, 2019

The brain processes visual images faster than textual information. When carried forward this concept to internet consumption, users prefer to see content than reading. From developing a website to selling a product online, visual attracts more users. A web page that is aided with images, videos and infographic earn more views than the one having a bulk of textual content. Some of the most significant implication of visual search lies in e-commerce. Images are incredibly potential selling tools where a consumer may never have the chance to see a product in-person before purchase.

Retailers can outride the game by optimizing e-commerce site for visual search. Consumers themselves report that visual content is influential in purchasing decision, and has become a valued tool for online shoppers. A variety of relevant images coming up against an inquiry will make it easier for the customer to choose from among them. This makes searching easier for customers who fail to explain their search in words. 

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How to Optimize For Visual Search

Using several images to showcase the product on the website can help. Including photos from multiple angles and perspective can maximize the chance of appearing in visual searches. It is also important to optimize image associated text with keywords. Considering submitting an image site map can enhance optimization. Along with these adding category markups to the page and having image badges showing up on the photos can improve searches. Applying image optimization tips including choosing between vector and raster images, finding a balance between image quality, using scalable images, and fast load speeds are proactive considerations. And finally, running structured data tests on the e-commerce site brings an accurate picture of the performance.  

Visual images have a magnetic effect that enhances the traffic on the e-commerce website. Fortunately, visual search is on its way optimizing e-commerce site for success and isn’t a complicated process. With a strategic plan, brands can position their website to receive potential customers from visual search.