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How Businesses are Embracing Digital Signage as Communication Tools

By CIOReview | Friday, November 15, 2019

Businesses are investing in interactive technology of digital signage to improve the potential of communication.

FERMONT, CA: For companies increasingly trusting digital platforms for advertising and as a means of customer interaction, digital signage is steadily gaining ground. Screens are becoming larger and slimmer. LCD screens are also gaining traction in terms of resolution and image quality. Innovation will play an essential role in shaping the future of digital signage. Here are the big developments in technology that will shape the digital signage future.

Multiple Parallel Touch Interactions

Companies have realized that customer interaction is becoming essential and are increasingly spending on the same. For example, companies incorporate multi-touch screens to enable one or more individuals to interact with content displayed on digital signage platforms. Such a setup allows multiple parallel interactions.

Sensor Technology

Sensor technology identifies the current flow location, which is interpreted as a touch event. Tablets and mobile phones are the most popular example of capacitive touch. Even though it is a precise technology, it is necessary to be protected from the external environment.Top Digital Signage Tech Companies

Infrared-Enabled Touch

Infrared technology uses an invisible infrared light grid across the LED / LCD screen. As an object comes into contact with the screen, the infrared light gets interrupted. The phenomenon as touch is registered. A major difference between capacitive touch and infrared technology is that any material can activate infrared-enabled touch.

Data-driven Analytics

Conventionally, for most of their ad campaigns, companies relied on television and radio. There was no way to know the customer engagement effect of the advertising. Digital signage, however, enables advertisers to use smart billboards to track the number of people walking past the digital signage and the number of people wanting to get involved with the content. Emerging technologies such as facial recognition and eye-tracking can also be used to monitor the most attractive aspect of the signage.

Digital signage will emerge as one of the most efficient business communication platforms with rapidly evolving technology. Other technologies, such as display and big data, will further add to digital signage's growing capabilities.