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How Can AI Help with Shifting Workplace Dynamics and Winning Top Talent?

By CIOReview | Monday, March 2, 2020

Digital transformation is breaking barriers and redefining the future role of technology in enterprises.

Fremont, CA: Most of the businesses focused on the tangible benefits that the transformative applications will have on external results and, finally, the bottom line. Especially artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as the main focal point for its ability to accelerate processes and helps the businesses to remain competitive in today’s unpredictable landscape. The benefits of AI go far beyond improved business operations, and its potential to better its internal workplace experience is often overlooked. Until recent times, the businesses have made external perception and reputation a top priority and allocated its resources in the areas focused on enhancing the customer experience. Although it is an important aspect of positive brand exposure, the focus is shifting inward with more companies understanding the importance of retaining top internal talent and using internal employees as the brand ambassador.

Utilizing AI-Powered ERP

One of the important things for business leaders to consider is to understand where AI technology should and should not be applied. Considering that AI-powered HR technology has become a trendy solution in improving the lives of employees, this concept is flawed because, in reality, only 20 percent of employee time is spent working with the HR solutions; still, 80 percent is invested, undertaking another day to day activity. AI’s potential to categorize a structured and unstructured data makes advanced data-backed recommendations and not only makes the lives of the employees easier but also enables them to do a better job and gain the worthy insight which is vital in making important business decisions.

Individual Experience

The talent market is becoming extremely competitive, and employee expectations are high at all times. With this new wave of empowerment, the workforce is demanding more from their employers in exchange for their loyalty. What truly matters in the current workforce is understanding of the overall ‘’people experience” more organizations are reporting technology investments to support their internal teams. AI becomes the focus for business leaders because of its ability to ease the processes and free up employee time to focus on more value-adding tasks.

To sum up, workplace dynamics are shifting, and employees need to advance technology to feel empowered, valued, and motivated in their careers.

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