How Can an Extended Enterprise LMS Help the Small Business?

How Can an Extended Enterprise LMS Help the Small Business?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 5, 2021

An extended enterprise learning management system (LMS) is a solution that enables the organization to train multiple audiences through a single system.

FREMONT, CA: There is a widespread misconception that extended enterprise learning management systems are exclusively for Fortune 500 companies. Alternatively, for organizations with franchisees, dealers, and extensive sales channels. Even small to mid-sized businesses can profit from an extended EEMS. It enhances customer knowledge and helps partners understand your brand. Here are some surprising extended enterprise Learning Management System benefits users might find compelling.

Offering Users, A Competitive Advantage

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe extended enterprise learning systems are "out of their league" can work in the user’s favor. If users invest in such a platform, they gain a competitive advantage for various reasons, from providing online customer education resources to ensuring that users’ external partners accurately reflect their brand. Additionally, companies can recruit top talent that their competitors may be overlooking due to their subpar online training program. Additionally, an extended enterprise LMS can benefit companies’ bottom line by enhancing their organization's credibility. Users are willing to go above and beyond in training their internal team, sales channels, and loyal customers. Rather than leaving it up to customers to find online training resources on their own, users opt for complete transparency and customized tools to help them improve their knowledge.

Maintaining Informed and Loyal Customers

Consumer education is one of the most undervalued extended enterprise Learning system benefits. It is not limited to remote sales representatives, vendors, and other third-party partners. Additionally, the customers can access online training materials such as product knowledge demos or care instructions to properly maintain their purchase at any time and from any location. This retains their awareness of the brand and their loyalty to it. As a result, the likelihood of word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business increases, which are critical for the success of SMB.

Employer Package Is More Attractive

Another widespread misconception about the benefits of extended enterprise LMS is that they are only available to external partners. They do, however, enable in-house business personnel to receive all necessary training. They have remote access to information about products, compliance, skill development, and performance management. This results in a more compelling hiring package that attracts top talent. They understand how critical employee development is to small businesses. Along with benefits, salary, and vacation time, companies can provide customized online training materials to meet their employees' specific needs.

Maintaining Brand Consistency Among Partners

The majority of SMBs employ sales representatives, vendors, or other external partners, though not to the extent of multinational corporations with hundreds of remote franchisees and sales consultants. However, an extended enterprise learning management system (LMS) can assist in keeping even small external teams on brand.