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How can Content Intelligence be a Fuel for Your Business?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Modern marketers know the significance and value of having an effective content. That’s why it is imperative to have a robust content marketing strategy in place. How can content intelligence strategy drive the business forward?

FREMONT, CA: ‘Content is king’ is a common phrase that is usually heard in the corporate world. It is vital to ensure that the organization’s content interacts with its audience and sets it apart from the competition.

It is visible that many marketers are implementing a smart content planning process and embrace technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to curate the appropriate content for the right audience at the right time. These new tools are referred to collectively content intelligence.

Content intelligence platforms depend on a combination of multiple AI-related technologies like machine learning, big data, natural language processing, and automation for parsing through the relevant information and making content decisions easier.

Below are some ways the businesses can benefit from the content intelligence platform.

Enterprise’s content can connect with its audience’s desires

Content intelligence helps marketers on what major topics to share and via what channels during the appropriate stage of the customer’s journey.

In addition to advising around topics, formats of content, and promotion channels, content intelligence tools bridge the gap by offering analytics on how content is impacting decisions of customers to engage with a brand.

Greater alignment can be achieved across the organizationTop CDN Solution Companies

The entire business can benefit from shared objectives and understanding of the client when the content intelligence tools are utilized to capture and communicate content strategy.

First, the content intelligence platform allows content strategies to be handled and shared all in one place. This makes the organization’s content more seemingly to be tied to overarching the enterprise’s goals and enables everyone in the enterprise to be on board with those goals.

Second, the implementation of content intelligence tools in the marketing strategy makes it simpler to keep client communication consistent and coordinated. Internal teams can easily keep track of the content being pushed out of the customers, which enables them to have more control over the accuracy and quality of the content.

Productivity will increase

By keeping the quality content in place helps in increasing traffic and generating new leads across all channels. Content intelligence tools untangle the web of data and transform it into recommendations for better content decisions, thus saving valuable time of marketers and delivering relevant and credible input for their content strategies.

The best content intelligence platforms make it simpler to incorporate content recommendations directly into the content creation and content planning workflows. Besides, they make sure that content plans align with the complete business goals.

No wonder, businesses can get greatly benefitted from content intelligence as it represents a significant opportunity for forward-thinking marketers and executives who depend on content to drive their business.