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How can EIM Managed Services Benefit Businesses?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Being highly central to business strategies, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has raised the need for the companies to maximize the skills needed to increase the impact on their organizations.

Fremont, CA: Over the past decade, all types and sizes of businesses have experienced significant hype in the volume of business information that they generate and maintain. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a strategic business discipline, which combines various vital principles of enterprise integration, content management, and business intelligence (BI). It streamlines and formulates the activities in lieu of data storage, handling, and access. Comprehensive EIM initiatives merge processes and technologies to enhance managing and leveraging of information across the company.

It is vital to select an apt managed services model and provider. With this two-step process, an enterprise can maximize the investment in EIM managed services.

1. Select the Best Model

There are different managed service models, and the first step is about deciding which is right.

Top Enterprise Information Management Consulting/Services Companies

Expert Assistance: EIM provides expert assistance by working directly with the IT team of the organization, ensuring critical systems to have maximum availability with minimum risk.

Fully Managed: A complete managed services system is designed to ensure that the EIM solution is optimally maintained and delivers maximum availability.

Cloud Enhancement: Most of the organizations are inclining towards cloud managed services, and the provider can help gain a seamless transition, providing consistent operation during and post the migration of the EIM solutions.

2. Selecting the Best Provider

It is essential to select the best provider who can offer all the models and combinations of those models customized to the customers' specific needs.

• Managed services providers should be able to optimize the elements of EIM applications. Further, they should help the customer achieve a business strategy, whether that is improving the overall performance efficiency, increasing business, or enhancing innovations to seize the market opportunities quickly.

• Selecting a full EIM managed services provider will ensure that the organization is updated with the most recent upgrades and patches, which are delivered automatically as a part of the service.

• The provider must be capable of fully optimizing EIM solutions to deliver the best performance, with business imperatives being covered by guaranteed SLAs.

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