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How Can Integration Systems Help the VAR Business?

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 12, 2019

Organizations that spend hours to enter the orders in the backend systems manually should realize that it is now the right time to adopt a seamless integration system for their business.

FREMONT, CA: VARs typically utilize three separate applications to hold up different business processes in their omni-channel system that is CRM, Accounting, and Quoting, and Procurement. The applications manage to deliver every expectation independently as it results in the best possible way, unlike being in sync. 

The most widespread challenge that exists while operating multiple business applications is making sure that data security and integrity of the client and the business is properly maintained. On the other hand, there is a towering risk of replica, delayed, or lost data that might result from unnecessary data entries in each of the applications. 

Bridges the Information Gap:

While choosing a seamless integration, most of the business processes get connected with the help of automation. It helps in Customer relationship managementsynchronizing the data across every application and allows the company to manipulate the data smartly. Furthermore, it can help in a smooth, timely, and reliable flow of data and communication throughout the organization.

Ensures Control:

There exists a standard workflow engine that comes with integration and operates the business processes autonomously as well as mutually to makes them work smoothly. Therefore, the amount of human intervention is very negligible, with minimal scope for committing errors. Besides being flexible, the processes are faster and accurate. They also provide complete control and transparency for the organizations to monitor them at every stage.

Lower Costs:

Since there is no requirement to enter data into multiple applications, again and again, the cost of storing and managing data can go down drastically. Integration can fetch real-time data and reports automatically, so companies do not have to gather data manually from their employees. Additionally, the costs related to operating a single system are significantly lesser than the stand-alone applications. Collectively, the amount saved can be utilized in some other process and eventually improve the revenue margin.

Enhances Employee Productivity:

Integration systems help the business processes to function glitch-free and efficiently, which allows the staff to concentrate on sales and customers.

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