How can IoT and Big Data Build Smart Cities?
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How can IoT and Big Data Build Smart Cities?

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 27, 2021

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the cities to make them more connected, intelligent, and convenient. The first step towards these smart cities is to make good use of the collected data in various platforms.

FREMONT, CA: Many areas have already started adopting the new trend of using the Internet of Things (IoT) in reshaping or developing new cities.

More emphasis is being put on the use of IoT and Big Data applications in smart cities so that devices like smartphone, cars, and other everyday appliances can stay connected to share information. The devices connected to IoT can be used autonomously and can perform actions if they gather any information that was pre-set. The common cases where IoT is used in smart cities are as follows.

1. Smart Lighting

Electricity might be a vital element, but the maximum of the energy consumption is caused by it. But if the lighting system is based on IoT, any failures are automatically reported to the system. The power of the light will also depend on the time of the day, for example, during day time, the light will soften automatically.

2. Smart Waste Management

Waste management in a city can also become smarter if the garbage cans have sensors in them. These sensors will tell them the amount of waste it can collect within it. The waste management of the city will get to know when the garbage cans get full due to the sensors in it and guide the waste collection trucks towards it.

3. Smart Parking

Nowadays, cities have become so crowded that it is difficult to find a proper parking space. It is not only frustrating for any person, but it also boosts pollution as they try to find an appropriate place to park. If the parking space is enabled with IoT, the sensors in it will automatically tell a driver whether the parking lot is occupied or empty. The sensors can also connect the navigation system allowing the drivers to find the nearest parking spot. 

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