How can New Technologies Help The Travel and Tourism Industry?
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How can New Technologies Help The Travel and Tourism Industry?

By CIOReview | Friday, November 8, 2019

The travel and hospitality industry is experiencing record growth and is fueled by a strong economy, digital innovation, and rising global consumer purchasing power. But like any other industry, it has its set of pros and cons.

Fremont, CA: The year 2019 is important as the US travel industry lifted itself from the depths of economic recession. In the past ten years, the surge of recovery has been bumped with an economic turning point in global emerging markets. It resulted in a historic burst, and segments felt the demand for travel throughout the travel industry.

Although the growth was not limited to traditional players, digital innovation has helped the businesses to not only enter the market but thrive in it. Losing perspective is easy on how technology has played a part in shaping travel in a relatively shorter time. 2009 saw hotel and airline apps hitting the market when Instagram and iPads did not exist. Travelers referred to newspapers and magazines for vacation rentals, taxies were booked by hand, and small luxury hotels were only able to provide a personalized experience for every guest.

Technology Trends in the Travel Industry

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting travel technology trends, which can be used in hotel rooms to offer customers with a device that connects to everything from heaters and lights to air conditioners from a single place.

  • Virtual reality comes among the most promising trends for tourism, businesses, and marketers have started to use the technology specifically in terms of interactive 360-degree images and videos. VR enables them to digitally transport the users to a virtual recreation of a particular place and give hotels a chance to show their reception area, rooms, and other laces on their website to encourage bookings.

  • AI robots have found a place within the travel industry. Equipped with speech recognition technology, robots are utilized for various purposes like to create luggage cases, pre-screening, and many more.

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