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How can Oracle CX Audience Boost the Usage of Precise Targeting?

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 22, 2020

The marketers are under pressure, and they are expecting to do more with less while driving marketing ROI and engagement throughout prospective and existing customers.

FREMONT, CA: The goal of doing more with less while driving marketing ROI and engagement throughout the existing and the prospective customer can be tough to accomplish if the marketers cannot target precisely. But this can also be a daunting task if they don't understand what the customer wants. Tools such as Oracle CX Audience make the process easier and efficient, empowering the marketers to exceed their goals continuously.

Unifying and enriching data

Leveraging data is the key —but only if it is easy for marketers to access and activate. Oracle CX Audience brings together disparate sources of data: throughout-channel, simple or sophisticated, online or offline, proprietary, and via Oracle Data Cloud. Marketers can combine the customer list with the profile extension tables (PETs) and the custom supplemental tables that allow the marketers to create and manage complex relationships within their data.

Unifying and enriching their data gives them a complete view of who their customers are, what they want, and how they can be best engage, but this is just the first step toward precise targeting.

Analyzing audience performance

Oracle CX Audience's in-built analytics can optimize the marketers' performance, both pre- and post-campaign. Before the marketer's launch, they can dive into how successful previous campaigns were throughout different audience segments and adjust accordingly.

Post-campaign, they can move beyond measuring the campaign KPIs and get a bit more granular. Oracle CX Audience can allow them to answer some of their brand's big, burning questions. And the answers to these questions will enable us to precisely target every launch and exceed their goals.

Exploring and segmenting customers

A marketer uses customer data to offer every individual with the most relevant experience. Filtering through a vast amount of data, doing so might seem like a daunting task—it usually requires IT intervention or the ability to write SQL queries to extract the data they need, which adds a significant lead time to campaign development.

Oracle CX Audience can help to decrease that time to market. The marketers can bypass SQL's requirement with Oracle CX Audience's Filter Designer feature, using a simple drag-and-drop interface to identify and isolate the specific customers depending on the demographic or behavioral data. These simple, reusable filters can be merged with AND, OR, and MINUS operators in Audience Designer to combine or withhold groups as they build highly specific audiences.