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How can Personalization help you Boost your B2B

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Personalization has become a growing trend in the B2B market implemented by many e-tailers considering the positive impact it has on the business. Today, consumers prefer sites that can analyze their needs and display products accordingly. With the help of personalization, e-commerce portals can achieve this goal and convince shoppers to make purchases.

E-tail behemoth, Amazon uses this feature to enhance the user experience by suggesting products according to the shopper’s purchasing and viewing history. The trend is also seen in other sites as well, while Netflix recommends shows based on a viewer’s browsing history, portals such as Goodreads suggests books according to a user’s reading history.

Types of Personalization and Ways to Implement It

The four commonly used ways are product recommendations, tailored content, e-mails, and search results. Suggesting products, pushing out relevant content such as blog posts and videos, and sending personalized e-mails to users based on their activities on the site are the best ways to begin. Even if hundreds of people are searching for the same word, the results will be different for each and every one of them based on their personal interest. The implementation may differ based on the type of personalization. While many portals have this feature built-in, others use third party tools or custom codes to enable it on their website.

Benefits of Personalization

As the name suggests, this feature can engage consumers by connecting to them on a personal level. Not only does it build a healthy relationship between the two parties, but it also ensures repeat business as the user would develop a liking towards the portal. To top it all off, the ROI can rapidly escalate due to increase in sales.