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How Cloud-Based Customer Centers Revolutionizing Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, October 29, 2018

Cloud-based contact center operations have seen a tremendous growth compared to the conventional on-premise call centers to provide customer service. Many organizations have migrated to cloud-based contact centers due to its cost-effectiveness, agility to handle customer grievances. It provides distributed contact center by which all the inbound and outbound call are handled. Cloud support helps in recording the call while maintaining voice quality. According to a recent report cloud-based customer service is estimated to increase its share by three times before 2021.

Cloud-based contact centers can basically be divided into three types on the basis their deployment:

Public Cloud: public cloud is open for viewing for the general public. The advantages of public cloud involve ease of business, fast deployment, location independence and cost-effective. The major disadvantage of public cloud is lack of data security. The market share of public cloud is expected to grow many folds in coming years.

Private Cloud: private clouds are the most secure of the three clouds as the infrastructure is provided by a service provider or a third party. Private cloud minimizes the risk of data loss. As it provides optimum security, it is not a cost-effective cloud.

Hybrid Clouds: As the name suggests hybrid cloud is the combination of public and private cloud. It provides features of both the clouds and it is a cost-effective option.

Advantages of using Cloud-based Contact Centers:

Customer experience: In contact centers, A great customer experience is of paramount importance as they act as a thread between a consumer and a business organization. Cloud-based contact centers help in ensuring a better call quality. The distributed system helps in faster resolution of customers queries.

Remote Access: Companies using cloud-based data centers don’t need a fixed infrastructure. Data centers can also be hosted at a third party location.

Easy Deployment: As there is no fixed hardware structure required to install cloud-based contact centers, it becomes very easy and cost effective for an organization to open their customer contact center.

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