How Companies Can Overcome Digital Transformation Challenges
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How Companies Can Overcome Digital Transformation Challenges

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2021

The companies are facing immense difficulties while applying the digital transformation, as it is essential to maintain consistency and transparency. 

FREMONT, CA: The organizations going through a digital transformation have enjoyed an increase in market share and customer engagement, higher employee morale, and increased customer revenue. It might be necessary for the companies to invest to accomplish efficient digital transformation, but there can also be various challenges that they have to deal with it.

What digital transformation challenges does your organization face?

According to most of the companies, they are going through a massive digital transformation and have a lot more work to do. The level of digitalization differs hugely among manufacturing companies.

Almost every company is facing challenges when they are dealing with digital transformation. But, irrespective of the company's size, the challenges were almost similar that they were facing. Here are some of the top challenges that the companies are facing.Top Digital Transformation Solution Companies

Lack of expertise to lead digitization initiatives

Lack of overall digitization strategy

Employee pushback

Organizational structure

Limited budget

In most of the cases, the companies faced difficulties related to the availability of technology as only a small number of them reported that there is a lack of current tools and technologies. But the most common problems were due to internal factors.

1. Handling Employee Pushback During Digital Transformation

It is human nature to like routines as it feels comfortable. Things can become complicated when the patterns change and uncertainty enters their lives. The introduction of digital transformation causes discomfort because the employees feel threatened due to technological advancement. It is crucial to note that sometimes change can become a necessity to keep up with the times as not changing can become riskier. Digital transformation is a significant change for companies.

The companies may not erase doubt and uncertainty from the employees, but they can reduce them. It is also necessary to be consistent and transparent. The companies must keep their employees engaged throughout the entire procedure. It is also vital to empower them and show them the future in which they can all work together.

2. Develop a Company-Wide Digital Transformation Strategy

Very few manufacturers have a corporate-wide strategy for digital transformation. Manufacturing companies need to have a clear plan. It is necessary to clarify a vision, set goals to achieve it, and give the entire team a purpose. Without a proper strategy, it can become difficult for companies to manage digital transformation.