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How Digital Signage CMS Streamlines Marketing Efforts

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

FREMONT, CA: With the advent of digital signs, marketers today can display ads, offers, and notices to consumers, employees, and other foot-traffic using a digital screen. This digital content is often found much more exciting and engaging than static, printed content. Today, most digital signage systems have content management software (CMS). This software allows users to manage their content from a single web interface. Here is how it can optimize marketing efforts.

• Remote Content Management

Digital signage CMS will allow marketers to manage content from anywhere. This feature means that marketers will be able to upload and change digital content using a web browser on their computer. While a remote management capability is practically a standard with all digital signage content management software today, marketers must choose the solution that has this crucial feature.

• Supports Varied Content Formats

Digital signage CMS supports more than just images. A digital sign is meant to be attention-grabbing, and today, the best digital signage CMS allows marketers to upload photos, videos, and even URLs for live web pages.

• Advanced Content Scheduling

The digital signage CMS will allow marketers to schedule content in advance. This feature is especially useful when users can plan a month or more content in a single sitting. The marketer can then set-and-forget their signage content, and they do not have to spend time regularly to deal with content updates.

• Multi-User Support

Most brands today have multiple marketing individuals working on their digital signage strategy. So, multi-user support is a crucial feature that digital signage CMS offers. With multi-user support, brands can easily assign accounts to relevant employees. In addition to that, when an employee changes roles or leaves the company, management can easily remove that particular account while keeping administrative access.