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How Does Digital Twin Help Businesses Spread Their Tentacles?

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 20, 2020

The digital twin is the new buzz word in the market. It offers a virtual counterpart to real-world entities existing at the same time. 

FREMONT, CA: Today, the digital twin technology is responsible for powering the idea of co-existence of a virtual entity with its physical entity at the same time.

Riding high on connection capabilities of IoT, the digital twin has got hold of the interest of many nations that are now using it for gaining advantageous business outcomes. It reduces maintenance costs and asset downtime significantly and also increases efficiency for factory operations. 

How does it work?

A study was done on the physics of a physical entity in focus by a team of specialists in science and applied mathematics. This data was utilized for creating a mathematical model that is capable of replicating the real entity in the digital space.

After creating the twin, sensors are placed on it that help it in receiving any inputs from its real-world twin. This can be utilized for checking the possible issues, get insights, feedback in case it’s a product, and so on. Besides, it can be developed prior to the development of physical products for providing the researchers with a base for reference.

Applications of digital twins

Today, digital twins operate closely with ML, AI, and IoT, which provides assistance to the virtual reality dream. These three technologies empower digital twins to be used in the following fields significantly.

Sports and Racing

Racing organizations or sports enterprises are making use of the digital twin for using a virtual twin in detecting places for improvement strategy. For example, Formula 1 is already using digital twin technology for optimizing its racing processes.

Real Estate

In real estate businesses, digital twins connect all the systems, thus giving real insights and the ability to analyze the plan. This empowers the managers to optimize plans for making the structure more efficient as well as feasible. Apart from this, it also reduces costs.


The technology help in creating a virtual setting of a hospital with all its components like doctors, equipment, administrators, etc. in place. This set up can be utilized to receive real-time updates on the health of the patients with sensors monitoring their condition, which later helps in analyzing the process better. Therefore, it helps in saving patient’s waiting time and empowers the doctors to make quick decisions, especially for time-sensitive scenarios.

Doubtlessly, digital twin holds promising results for every physical entity. Therefore, businesses should welcome this technology to achieve success.

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