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How does IoT Enhance Agriculture?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 5, 2019

FREMONT, CA: IoT has proved revolutionary in its frequency of use into houses and businesses alike, with applications ranging from smart home technologies to healthcare. The agriculture sector has seen extensive improvement following the introduction of connected devices. Smart agriculture continues to rise in its implementation. Smart farming or connected agriculture refers to IoT in agriculture, while AgTech merely means a fusion of agriculture and technology. With its flare-up in adoption and popularity, the connected agriculture market tiled the way for many IoT farming companies.

Drones in Farming:

Smart farming has made optimal use of drones in monitoring both crops and livestock. With a farming drone, it is easy for farmers to self-image fields. Often, these devices boast specialized sensors as well as image processing software for determining the likes of crop and livestock health, plant count, and soil temperature. In the connected agriculture market, farming drones have proven to be a neat and incredibly functional IoT.


Data Collection:

A significant advantage of IoT is data collection. For example, many smart farming companies may employ IoT devices for examining the soil, crops, and livestock. Real-time data may be utilized to make adjustments, and past data to provide insight into the overall well-being of farms. Even the weather patterns can be monitored and analyzed

IoT in Precision Agriculture:

Precision farming or agriculture uses satellite imagery and sensors to capture and store historical data to increase crop yield. With precision agriculture, the goal is creating a decision support system, which presents a complete farm management solution.

IoT in Greenhouse Farming:

The application of IoT in greenhouse farming has proven fruitful. Since it is a controlled environment, climate control devices, as well as water and air monitoring, have become feasible with the introduction of IoT. Similarly, with smart greenhouse farming, it is incredibly easy to scrutinize and automate processes.

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Livestock Management with Smart Farming:

Livestock detectors can track animal grazing areas and detect illness. Soil sensors can capture data on soil water levels, acidity, and crop health. IoT boosts productivity in farming by optimizing various processes.