How Enterprise Application Integration is Helping Organizations
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How Enterprise Application Integration is Helping Organizations

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021
Justin Smith, CIOReview

Justin Smith, CIOReview

As the organizations grow, the number of enterprise applications integrated into their systems increases. The large pool of applications makes Enterprise Application Integration vital with its capabilities to establish communication between those applications and enhance the business operations. 

Fremont, CA: With the critical market competition today, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) has grown into an asset that companies are focusing on. According to the market surveys, 93 percent of US-based companies are incorporating enterprise business applications, which indicate the rising prospect of the IT field.

Enterprise application integration deals with the linking of different enterprise applications in a point-to-point route aiding in an uninterrupted workflow and also extends several enterprise mobility solutions. Based on the goals and IT environment of the organization, EAI methods differ. Let’s take a look at how EAI is assisting organizations.

Easy business workflows

Simplification of the operations and workflows of the business is where EAI makes its stand along with its tools. The functions are redefined appropriately to ease the entire workflow.

Reducing developmental costs and investments

As EAI integrates the new as well as outmoded software versions, new versions do not need deletion. Additionally, EAI enables to incorporate enterprise mobility solutions and services that can channelize the business operations. Thus investment amounts are lowered.

Easy exchange of information

Within organizations, different departments are linked to perform the tasks. Here EAI plays a major role by creating a well defined IT infrastructure that enables easy and secure data access and lesser redundancy, thereby making the exchange of information more efficient.

Reducing effort and time

As EAI centralizes information in an organization at a single node, the workload of the employees reduces, and they get to dedicate more time to the real tasks instead of focusing on the unnecessary tasks.

Maximizing opportunities

With the implementation of appropriate EAI, organizations can have a sharp edge over the other in business. The EAI technologies and solutions enhance the problem solving and decision making capacities of the enterprise. For mobile application development companies, EAI implementation can bring sophisticated results in the long run.

Tracking and monitoring different operations become easier with the EAI models. As understanding becomes easier, employees can yield better analysis.

With good scalability, flexibility, and easy implementation, EAI technologies have widely expanded their scope. These are applicable in Supply Chain Monitoring, e-commerce, and multiple Business Intelligence functions. However, companies must make a well-informed decision in case they adopt EAI for their business sufficing to their business.

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