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How Gamification can Redefine a Company's Work Culture?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Not every employee succeeds in delivering excellence when it comes to performance. Historically, the associated HR used to convey reports to such under-performing employees, thereby crushing their motivational instincts. These situations prove to a challenge for the HR as employees get disheartened, leading to a substantial decline in the productivity of the company. Perhaps, gamification-oriented approaches should be undertaken so as to deliver the under-performance reports to employees while making sure that their morale is not hampered. Gamification offers HRs possible and more suitable methods of aligning the behavior and performance of employees with the organizational goals. With innovative methods to provide employee performance reports, the company could deliver high performance.

By deploying gamification techniques such as leader boards, companies can bring in transparency regarding the performance chart of employees and instill in them a spirit of competition. Top performing employees may also be awarded so as to drive the competitive spirit in the forward direction. With such techniques, employee engagement can be enhanced. While   proves vital in driving employee performance, the unique engagement techniques can be extended to recruiting new employees as well.  

The gamification approach when adopted across every department of a company can play a defining role in overhauling a company’s work culture. Conclusively, gamification instills in employees a desire to perform better and also provides them with an opportunity to prove their value to the company. By improving employee behavior through gamification, companies can reduce several HR challenges.