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How Gamification can save your Company

By CIOReview | Monday, April 16, 2018

Gamification is quickly becoming a vital business strategy in today's digital era. With more and more companies embracing new technologies, there will be a strong roadmap to integrate gamification in the workplace. By harnessing the many aspects such as involving badges, leader boards, level progression and points for rewards, achievement, and recognition, companies can improve employee engagement, their retention and customer experience.

It is ideal for ways to tie in company goals, culture, and values that employees find tedious and making them into something exciting that employees will look forward to. Gamification enables most organizations to solve the most complex challenges due to the flexibility it offers. Mobile gaming has changed the demographics of the average gamer in today’s world and the likelihood that most employees are gaming in some form just makes it a no-brainer to incorporate it in the workflows, making them play games that focus on company tasks and strategies.

In emerging markets, gamification is still a relatively new concept; however, it is still not a novel approach in other parts of the world, which is down to the aspect that is derived from the gaming industry. That being said, gamification, if implemented correctly, can be a powerful tool to boost employee productivity and employee morale. Today, over 400 multi-national companies have heavily invested in gamification and are reaping the benefits it delivers.