How Gamification Helps Enterprises
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How Gamification Helps Enterprises

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 27, 2022
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cio review

By turning a mundane task into a pleasurable experience, incorporating gaming aspects in non-game settings can enhance user engagement.

Fremont, CA: As the number of mobile apps on the market grows, it becomes more difficult for app developers to stand apart. People nowadays, particularly millennials and Generation Z, are easily bored. As a result, only something exciting and demanding will keep them interested. Fortunately, there are a variety of user engagement and retention tactics to choose from. One is gamification, one of the most effective ways to engage users.

It's not only about design and development when it comes to an effective mobile app gamification approach. Its major purpose is to increase user engagement and retention, and this is how it may be accomplished:

Gamification should solve the problem: For example, if an app is not converting at the desired rate. It may be better to incorporate the game aspects and connect them with the company's objectives.

Include social aspects: The potential of gamification to bring people together in the form of collaboration and socializing is its most impressive attribute. The gamified software should be created so that social networking is encouraged and rewarded.

Create an easy-to-use reward program: Instead of providing a single large reward after the game, divide it down into smaller parts and reward players for completing each one.

The elements that can help gamify an app are:


These visual representations of users' accomplishments show how well they performed within the app.


These are the various components of the game's world. The game's difficulty rises with each level, making it more difficult for the user to progress.

Graphs of performance

These graphs illustrate how the player did in contrast to past results and keep track of their personal records.


These are player rankings lists that aid in determining who performs well in a certain activity. Unlike performance charts, which display a single user's performance over time, a scoreboard shows how that user's performance compares to that of others.

In-game currency

This is how extra lives are obtained as "payment" for game-related perks. This cash can be obtained as a prize for particular achievements or as a daily bonus.