How Gamification is Contributing to Transformation in Education
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How Gamification is Contributing to Transformation in Education

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As the world is headed towards the future, times change and things become more complex, especially in the area of education. A considerable number of educational systems across the globe today are experiencing crises of funds, quality of education, management, and maintainable impact. The cause–constant infrastructural shifts in technology and communication. Scenarios like these impact the skill requirements for those seeking employment opportunities, thus demanding traditional educational systems and learning platforms to evolve. Online learning platforms, created to cope with these changes, make the activities like a game in order to make the learning experience more enjoyable–gamification.

These gamification platforms use engaging interfaces and game techniques to break down complex goals into simpler steps through flash cards and compulsive mini-games. This sophisticated learning strategy is often used by education managers to keep the students educated and well-equipped for the future. With this new trend spreading like wildfire, marketing of the gamification platforms are expected to rise rapidly, attracting the attention of many who look to make education interesting and easy to understand. Research is still underway on how to cater content for the learners to maintain interest in the gaming educational platforms.

The curriculum is first quantified into smaller lessons which are then connected via narratives, captivating the interest of the users. Since there are many fields and levels of learning, different demographic groups, along with their expertise and skill set will be put into use to provide users with the right amount of motivation and attachment towards the gaming platform. Teachers can assist the gamification platform in developing the skills of a student via factual information and also educating themselves with an innovative platform in the process.

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