How Google Reinforces Online Security
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How Google Reinforces Online Security

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2020

Google accounts can be secured well than ever with the Advanced Protection Program.   

FREMONT, CA:  Google has rolled out the new advanced protection program that is specially developed to reinforce online security. The program is considered to offer the highest and strongest level of Google Account security. Advanced protection, as the name suggests, helps the users of high profile maximize their account security as such users are highly vulnerable to the attacks posed by the hackers. The set of users who would be benefited by the Advanced protection programs, would-be journalists, business magnets and leaders, social activists, film celebrities, politicians, and more.

The service offered by advanced protection is very easily accessible by the users. It is as easy as signing up and automatically activate updates and leverage added security features. This advanced safety against the potential cyber attackers and intruders have the capability to thwart and nullify the bitter consequences of phishing, cyber threats and fraud, malware and ransomware, and unauthorized accesses to confidential account information.

Google aims to globalize this advanced protection program across all of its products and services. This integration further adds to the trust built by the customers of Google all around the world. However, the protection program is now already active on GSuite, Google Cloud, Chrome, and lately, Android as well. The vision of making the capabilities of advanced protection reach more and most users is sure to be realized by Google.

Today, Google extends its advanced protection software into Nest. With this, Google users can associate their accounts with the highest security modules and access them on Google Nest devices as well. Alongside this, Google Nest has released a wide variety of security features along with reCAPTCHA, and more. Especially catering to the needs of all those who work from home, the advanced security features of Google help in reducing the number of attacks that can disturb the mental health of the users.

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