How HPE's GreenLake Central Can Benefit Enterprises

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 6, 2020

GreenLake Central is a SaaS platform that provides customers a portal to run, manage, and optimize their hybrid information technology (IT) assets.

Fremont, CA: GreenLake Central is a new SaaS-based platform and its primary function is to unify its existing offerings by providing the customers with a single software platform that they can use to manage their clouds. The platform has backed the strategy to build an edge-to-cloud portfolio as-a-service, which will help the customers transform how they do business. Accelerating the digital transformation with cloud services' help, the platform will compare performance, governance, security, and cost from the edge to the core and cloud. 

This offering allows every user to access a one-of-kind console from which the organization can run and achieve powerful business outcomes. This will also enable the CIO to be a strategic service broker; simultaneously, the organization could gain from a consistent cloud experience, which would result in lesser costs and risks, better choice, control, simplicity, and speed.

Although cloud promises to help with faster application delivery, digital transformations have become more complex and slower. Most of the applications and data remaining in the legacy systems was also adding to the issue. GreenLake Central can help the customers mitigate these issues with its integrated management control panel for the full hybrid IT estate and a single console to oversee the digital transformation. 

The new platform will allow CIOs to access a unified dashboard and operational console that might help them monitor and act on a range of KPIs, including capacity, security, cost, compliance, and resource utilization. Developers will gain access easily and get a pay-per-use platform to help them write, release, and deploy codes in real-time. 

GreenLake Central will also allow the CFO to quickly view the user's spending, teams, and business units, within the public or private clouds, data centers, and edge environments. In the meantime, the legal, compliance, and security teams will have an integrated view of the governance and the security status in an organization's hybrid IT estates. A KPI dashboard helps identify the risks and provide access to above 1000 controls related to compliance and industry regulations.

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