How Innovative EAM Solutions Tackle Asset Management Challenges?

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

IBM’s new EAM solutions are enabling companies across the globe to tackle the digital-age challenges for managing their business assets.   

FREMONT, CA: The transformation brought by technology can be experienced across industries and operational business ecosystems. Innovations bring fundamental shifts in business operational ways, and assets handling processes. IBM provides a range of solutions, which help companies manage modern enterprise asset management challenges. By implementing the advanced and comprehensive suites, organizations are successfully witnessing revolutionary business ecosystems and improving their asset life cycles. Below is a list of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) challenges that companies tend to tackle with the help of IBM offerings.

• Ruling Out Downtime Woes

Companies understand that reducing the risks to equipment and lowering maintenance-related costs are essential in an asset management system. IBM's Asset Health Insights, Predictive Maintenance Insights, and Equipment Maintenance Assistant allow companies to reduce asset downtime and optimize operational productivity. From planning the management of an asset to predicting its failure reasons, IBM’s EAM provides a highly relevant solution to develop and implement the asset management strategies by companiesTop Enterprise Asset Management Consulting Companies

• Maintaining Connected Devices with Ease

IBM Maximo, an EAM solution, constitutes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics-enabled programs, which adds significant capabilities to any business's asset management systems. Powered by IoT, companies can handle numerous connected devices with ease that aids in diagnostics, analytics, and maintenance of assets, resulting in cost reduction and lifecycle enhancement for critical business assets. CMMS enables companies to maintain and locate assets while creating new opportunities for automation of asset management work infrastructure.

• Overcoming Inventory Management Hurdles

IBM's Maximo’s MRO inventory optimization and support services help the companies to maintain and repair their business assets in better ways. The innovative solution aims to make predictive and prescriptive maintenance rather than reactive. The companies having an extensive dependence on assets can consider optimizing the health of assets and ensuring glitch-free operations at lesser investment. On analyzing asset inventories, the companies can directly enhance the efficiencies.

The technology offered by IBM is significantly enabling enterprises to achieve excellent asset management goals and improve their asset health for a more extended period.

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