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How IoT Affects the Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019

IoT technology and applications are finding their way into the construction industry and is completely changing the traditional methods of a construction industry. IoT and sensors are collecting the job site data in a more efficient and affordable ways.

FREMONT CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled the construction industry to increase its productivity, and safety, while simultaneously improving the existing tools. IoT has made it possible for stakeholders to understand the situation at every stage of the construction at real-time, starting from planning of the structure to how the building will look.

The primary reasons why construction companies must consider the adoption of digitalization and IoT technology are low productivity, increased competition, and decreased margins. The leading drivers of IoT in the construction industry are maintenance, productivity, safety, and security.

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Like every other industry, the construction sector also has its deadlines and targets, and if the work gets delayed, it may increase the budget of the project. IoT will increase the willingness and efficiency of the work, thus improving the productivity of it. With IoT, manual labor is mostly taken over, leaving people free to interact with project owners to generate new ideas to improve project delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

IoT will also lessen human errors like delayed material supply, as sensors in the construction supply unit raise alarms when there is a shortage of supply.


The management of power and fuel is also essential in the construction industry as it can result in wastage, and that can put an impact on the overall budget of the construction project. IoT can also be used to monitor the conditions of the material, making work easier for construction companies as they focus more on their core business.

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Safety and Security

Preventing theft and ensuring safety is a major concern for the construction industry, but a human security agent cannot monitor a large construction site accurately. On the other hand, IoT can be used to monitor vast areas, and its sensors can inform the accurate position of an item or material. 

With the help of digital real-time job site map, construction workers can be notified about possible risks or dangerous environment to take precautions.

Construction workers can be empowered with real-time IoT and have greater insights about work-site issues, helping them to prevent unwanted situations. 

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