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How is AI Shaping the Future of Education?

By CIOReview | Monday, June 18, 2018

Today, almost every other industry implements artificial intelligence (AI). From Facebook suggesting new friends to computers trading stocks and even cars that park themselves, every realm of human life is impacted by AI. Among them, one of the sectors where AI is making promising strides is education. While there is yet some time before humanoid robots start teaching in classrooms, several other AI tools have already made their way to help teachers and students—shaping and redefining the educational experience of the future.

One of the ways AI has impacted education is through application of higher levels of individualized learning. Adaptive learning programs are a step forward in the direction, emphasizing certain topics which learners haven’t mastered. While not just the students, AI has been equally beneficial to teachers. Most teachers feel that a significant amount of their time goes into grading which can be used otherwise in better ways. While AI may not completely replace manual grading, it’s getting pretty close. It’s now possible for assessment platforms to auto-grade nearly all types of assessment items, allowing teachers to focus more on student interaction and development. Sometimes, teachers do not realize the learning gaps in educational material. AI is capable of solving this problem. Imagine a scenario where a large number of students are found to submit wrong answers to an assignment. AI-driven learning management software can identify those mistakes and suggest hints for the right answer—without a teacher’s intervention.

Currently, all the edtech players are focused on conjoining their energies toward achieving this. With several other revolutionary education solutions underway, AI has the potential to radically change just about everything in the teaching-learning landscape.

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