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How is Food Automation Technology Revamping the Food Industry?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Food automation has completely reshaped the food industry in recent years and is continuing to do the same with its latest advancements.

FREMONT, CA: The year has started with a shift towards food industry automation. There are already many automated purchase systems by SKU implemented in the areas of sales. The product is automatically supplied when the items in the line run out. The whole effort of the seller will be concentrated on the chain buyer and in negotiating space on the store’s shelves. The remaining will be only demand and supply.

The smart grocery shopping carts have also adopted the upcoming innovations. Many companies providing groceries have developed applications that enable customers to order groceries online and then collect them from the store or receive them at home.

However, the food automation industry has to face certain challenges as brands have to compete against the time customers spend on their mobile phones searching for which product they will need next. Therefore, companies are required to optimize these platforms for making the shopping experience more seamless by implementing product recommendations so that the system suggests the related items when a customer is scrolling through the lists of products.

Besides, cashier-less registers and self-payment are taking over. This innovation is making payment for groceries convenient, quicker, and more dynamic. The cameras help in reading bar codes and count the number of SKUs, thus avoiding theft and lines at the register.

Additionally, payment techniques are being diversified. Making payments through a phone has become the norm. The traditional cash payments have turned obsolete in this era of food industry automation.

Merchandise reception has turned faster when it comes to making deliveries with pallets of earlier inventoried products. Optical readers do the job of merchandise counting, and human support is utilized for the shelf storage. This helps in reducing warehouse space and extending exhibition space in the store for the customers.

These new technical processes help in cutting down the number of workers required in the store. However, the challenge for creating jobs with employees equipped with new managerial and technical skills arises, where the employee can easily integrate with the food industry automation and avail the opportunity to get a better salary.

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