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How is IoT Revamping Field Service Management?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

The advantageous applications of IoT technology have compelled field service managers to undertake this technology in the supply chain.

FREMONT, CA: Judging from the skyrocketing technological growth and advancements in unique devices every day, the innovations in the field service sector has been no different. Day-to-day activities are getting redefined, and field service management is being impacted with the integration of improved technology. One such technique to drive the significant industrial foundation forward is the internet of things (IoT) technology.

Virtual Reality

During the inception of digitization, the idea of developing an artificial ecosystem within a digital atmosphere seemed like a fictional concept. However, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) presently has become an essential tool for conducting professional applications. AR is being utilized in technical institutes for training professionals and technicians in an augmented, practical, and safe environment. The ability to perform trials in a risk-free system not only decreases the risk of workers but also lowers the cost of training. With the hands-on experience acquired by the workers directly from AR and VR enabled systems, the step to formulating practice and employ specialized professionals is eliminated. 

Staying Connected with IoT technology

The application of IoT technology reaches far beyond just training fields. Smart gadgets linked with internet improve connectivity in every stage of the industry, therefore, creating a seamless working environment. Tools overlaying complex technical information can enhance the repair rate in case of an error. The cost-effective limitless application achieved with IoT technology makes it a perfect fit for every sector. Researchers and industry professionals predict that by 2020, the IoT technology will grow 26 times more than the present development rate.   

Zero Stock Inventories

In the supply chain, the managers deal with the burden of tracking, detecting, scheming, monitoring, planning, and maintaining stocks from the catalog. The summary of the task keeps on fluctuating day-to-day while creating a challenging situating for the manager to overcome. However, thanks to digital inventory systems, the responsibility of maintaining zero-stock inventory has become efficient than ever. Interlinked devices now enable workers to manage and automate inventory list without compromising the flow of a supply chain.

Each year, with continuous addition of sophisticated toolset into the industrial work frame, the applications of IoT technology have started to reach a new level. However, time will tell if the IoT adoption has affected the field service sector positively or not.   

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