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How is IoT technology Transforming Conventional Satellites?

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019

The functional extension of connectivity has led to the involvement of the IoT technology in the extraterrestrial surroundings.

FREMONT, CA: “Network,” the vocabulary that led to a domino of innovation and reshaped the future functionalities is now set to stretch the industrial limits even further. Marked as one of the primary foundation of digital association, the wireless data transmission system is being increasingly employed in local, global, and universal networking atmospheres. Bounded by altering demands, networking gave rise to the Internet of things (IoT) and made the system of connectivity robust.

While most of the IoT networking is limited to terrestrial boundaries, the applications of newly upgraded IoT technology has reached to satellite operations. With the integration of IoT technology in celestial ecosystems, the connections in remote areas become extremely efficient. Traditionally, the task of linking the inter-cosmological space was far beyond human imagination. However, breaking the conventional norms, the applications of IoT technology has reached stratospheric levels.  

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From additional capacity on geostationary (GEO) satellites to backhauling connectivity in newly deployed low earth orbits (LEO), the opportunities with the introduction of IoT technology is infinite. The functions of the satellites orbiting in C-, Ku- and Ka-band are optimized with the addition of IoT sensors. Furthermore, the functional extension of connectivity has led to the involvement of the IoT technology in the extraterrestrial surroundings. 

IoT-Driven GEO satellites

Orbiting GEO satellites provides terabytes and terabytes of informative data, mainly for direct-to-home broadband and internet services. However, with the introduction of IoT sensors, the path loss between earth and existing satellites by the conventional technologies is deteriorated. Recently developed long-range IoT sensors eliminate the need for large terminal antennas into adjacent satellites. The exclusion of extended parts lowered the cost of production for spaceship and satellite manufacturers. IoT applications miniaturize the physical objects, which enhances the operational capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

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Hybrid Terrestrial Satellite Systems

Even though the applications with the integration of IoT technology tend toward the positive frame, yet it suffers from its own set of difficulties. While dealing with IoT devices, the cost for securing and controlling the can take a toll on the manufacturers, and for such systems, hybrid terrestrial-satellites were developed. With a mix of terrestrial IoT technology and the satellite communication platform, the experts can maneuver and control far reached devices in a cost-effective manner.

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