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How Is The Role Of Cloud Vendors Changing In OTT Media Streaming?

By CIOReview | Monday, July 6, 2020

FREMONT, CAOver-the-top (OTT) streaming has redefined the media content consumption landscape in recent years.

The active global monthly OTT video subscribers surpassed 750 million accounts for above 30 percent of digital video viewers globally in 2019. Cloud vendors have played a substantial role by contributing to this exponential growth by providing core cloud-native delivery infrastructure to OTT players at low costs, and making is more comfortable to reach global audiences and dynamically scale their workloads. Here is the list of valueadded services offered by the cloud.

Direct content ingestion

Cloud providers offer direct content ingestion capabilities to OTT players, helping them to either ingest content directly from a camera to a cloud-based management system or stream it live to different platforms. They also help content creators to capture videos through smartphones and send them via mobile networks to production and content management systems operating in the cloud, bypassing camcorders and live production trucks. 

Native language translation

Cloud providers provide application programming interfaces (APIs) with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for the native language translation, which enables audiovisual content localization and reading, making it easy for OTT players to expand their reach globally.

AI-powered encoding

Vendors have integrated AI with their cloud-based offerings, and cloud-based OTT workflows incorporate AI to provide a better viewing experience. AI helps to monitor network traffic, betters compression techniques, and gives adaptive encoding techniques to stream HD videos over low bandwidth networks.

Video indexing

Video indexing services can automatically extract advanced metadata from video and audio content, including spoken words, faces, brands, written text, and scenes. OTT players can utilize the data to generate insights, increase the discoverability of their content, improve user experience, and enhance monetization opportunities.

Advanced targeting

Cloud providers leverage superior analytics services like device ID-based content tagging to offer recommendations for a better viewer targeting, which allows advertisers to reach out to specific, targeted and identified audiences. OTT players can leverage these recommendations for better content monetization. 

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